Did ya miss me?

You guys. I took a break, okay? At first it was just supposed to be 'for the holidays'... that didn't happen. Oh well. Someday I will be good at this whole journal blog thing, but for now, I'm doing the best I can.

Christmas was awesome--as shown in my last post--and the month and a half after have been just a great!

First things first-- WE HAVE A 1 YEAR OLD!
      We celebrated Maelie's first birthday with lots of family on Sunday the 18th (her actual birthday!). The theme was "You Are My Sunshine". Saying she got spoiled would be an understatement. So many people to love her. We are grateful for our family and especially for our little sunshine, Maelie Cakes. 

Maelie-- Remember this post
      Well Maelie started taking steps (just a few, walking back and forth between two people) in early January, but about 4 days after her birthday she decided she knew how to crawl on her hands and knees. That's right. She had only ever army crawled until she was 369 days old! She is a speedy little crawler now and is gets better and more brave while walking every day. It's not often a child takes their first steps before they crawl. HA! Oh Maelie. 

Lauren-- Pre-School Dance Class
      When Spencer was in high school, she and my mom started a little dance studio in my parents garage. Although Spencer graduated (nearly 4 years ago), Pyper and cousin Gaby have taken over the teaching and kept the studio alive! My mom suggested starting a class for 3 and 4 year olds in the early afternoon and I am the lucky one that gets to teach these hilarious, full-of-energy, smart little cuties. I've had so much fun for the last month getting back to working with preschoolers and teaching them something that I have loved for my whole life. 

David-- Workin' Hard
       David still has not found full time work in the medical field...he's has applied to lots of jobs and has a ton of applications out that he's waiting to hear back about. It has been a slow process on the medical front, but we have been blessed to still have an income through an old employer and through the school district here in Boise. It seems like every job he applies for things look more and more promising, so hopefully within the week we will have some good news about the most recent job applications and interviews! 

We are happy to be in Boise and excited for what is coming for us this year! 

And I just ended that as if it was a Merry Christmas/Happy New Year card. I'll be going now.

We've done a lot of other things too...so here are pictures to catch you up!


Mondays with Maelie: My 1st Christmas!

That's right...It happened. We have officially been parents on Christmas morning and it was magical. Maelie does not understand it at all yet, but she loves her new toys, I love her new clothes and she couldn't get enough of the wrapping and tissue paper! I'm already excited for next year!

We got to be in Utah with the Dominguez family this year! Maelie's grandpa Mercedes drove up from California to spend the holiday with his family and we can't wait until he doesn't have to drive from California anymore! He is retiring and moving up to Utah for good at the end of January!

Maelie pretty much got a whole new wardrobe and her toy collection at least doubled!

We also got to talk to our favorite missionary uncle Kanon on Christmas morning. :)